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Win a Free Weed Subscription for a Year!

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You know what? Fuck 2020 .. let’s make this a killer year for someone!

Win Free Weed for a Year!

— 2 Early Bird Prizes —
Early Bird Draw (September 15th 2020)

1st Draw – 28 Grams of Your Choosing.
2nd Draw – $100 in ExpressBucks!

How to enter:

Method #1 (One Entry)

Refer a friend! Each friend that make a purchase gets you an entry!
(Use the form below or on all product pages and in your account dashboard)

Method #2 (Two Entries)

Subscribe to the Cannabis Subscription and 2 free entries to get 12 months of the subscription for Free!

Method #3 (Three Entries)

A recently posted publicly viewable video review and/or an unboxing on YouTube, facebook or Instagram with a link, shoutout #hashtag or @420express and send us a link with a corresponding order number, you will be entered into a draw on September 31st to get our monthly cannabis subscription free for a year! (A value of over $3500!)

The main draw happens on September 30th 2020 at high noon!

The Prize:

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And, the best part is ,. multiple entries are welcome!
(MAX 5 per person)


Refer a Friend for your entry without Purchase!

5 thoughts on “Win a Free Weed Subscription for a Year!

  1. Melissa Willigar says:

    Nice to know there’s great news to read these days,,instead of all the craziness going on in the world today😪😣But finding something special as this i think is pretty amazing to do at this time :0) so “THANK YOU!GOD BLESS AND BE SAFE😊

  2. David Treadway says:

    I live in Texas where they, the powers that be, are on the late sho ion the issue of Mayjane legalization. Not me.. THEM… So, Even though the Marijuana I am fortunate enough to have access to may be euphemistically reffered to as illegal. It doesn’t change the fact that having access to it for ingestion very clearly brings to the forefront the fact that Medicinally? Weed….Weed is extremely beneficial to the aches and pains and to the chronic conditions of humans in need of medicinal relief for whatever the need. It is God’s medicine. In Genesis chapter 2 when God put the seeded herb on his planetary creation He said.” It was good”..thus sayeth the Lord. Weed from its advent was/is ordained, and annointed for mankind’s use.
    420 and counting. Fire it Up!

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